Doing It All

I was running on the treadmill, reading a book for book club on my Nook (font size HUGE helps with the reading while your noggin’ is a-bob, bob, bobbin’ along) and watching the Today Show.  The Jersey Girl who went to grad school full-time while working full-time brings the same amount of dedication to her Home Mom exercise routine.  Whoop, whoop! 

Now, I typically don’t watch the Today Show due to all of the nonsensical nattering (preferring instead to catch up on what all the Housewives-across-the-land are doing), but for some reason I had the t.v. tuned to the Today Show Monday…when Maria Shriver, complete with glorious hair and aggressive jawbone, pops up.  She’s got a thing going about the state of women today called “Doing It All.” (#doingitall)

Come on!  Seriously?!?  Are we STILL discussing this?  After all this time???

She’s playing a video clip of women giving their opinion about how hard it is to “do it all.”  Some truly annoying woman is going on and on about how hard it is, “Getting ready for school, school conferences, grocery shopping…” (Yeah.  Yeah.  Super hard ‘cause the rest of us don’t do that too??)  And then she goes on to say, “When you work full-time as a mother, you don’t get to give away your motherhood responsibilities to anyone else.”

Ok.  And now?  Now I’m PISSED OFF!!! 

This is EXACTLY why I can’t stand these women.  They think THEY have it so hard, and are so self-righteous in their stay-at-home-momness.  And so derogatory to anyone not on that same path.  And while I may SEEM like a stay-at-home-mom right now due to a trick of the light, in my heart I suppose I’m a working mother.  Well…AND a full-time mother.  And that’s why this nonsense gets me so p.o.’d.

“Don’t get to give away your motherhood responsibilities to anyone else.”  Take it back, Girlfriend.  ‘Cause if you don’t, I will meet you in the parking lot.  There’s no “getting” to “give away” your motherhood responsibilities when you work full-time!  I don’t know why you think there is. 

Because until you’ve pumped breast milk for your 3 month old during a lay-over in your business trip (in the dingy bathroom of a nondescript airport with or without the benefit of a stall door knowing full well there will shortly be a fight with the TSA agent about changing his gloves before he touches…and then SNIFFS!…your bodily fluids), then you do NOT need to be telling me about “getting” to “give away” my “motherhood responsibilities,” Homegirl !!!!!”

It is NOT easy-breezy beautiful Covergirl over here.  Trust me; the grass is NOT greener on this side.  I mean that side.  I mean whichever side.  ‘Cause I’ve been on both sides – and I can even see them now from where I’m sitting.  Nope.  Not greener.

And the ONE thing missing in all of this back-and-forth??  Is tennis team drills.  It’s puzzling to me why no one has mentioned tennis team drills.  How is everyone fitting THOSE in? 

Speaking of which, I’m off!  Can you guess where I’m going?  After all, I’ve got things to do, places to go, (tennis) balls to juggle!  Instead of meeting me in the parking lot, meet me on the court.  In your cutest skirt.  And we’ll see who’s doing it all.

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