Grody to the max!

Remember that phrase from the 80’s: Grody to the max! 

Well I think I should bring it back.  Starting now.  About what I found in my sandwich.  From a sandwich place that shall remain nameless.  But which apparently gets its ingredients off the floor of a New York City subway station.

Originally I thought it was a pre-born baby bird all burnt up and cooked into my bread.  [Seriously!  It looked like it had FEATHERS!!!  And it was baked INTO my bread.]  But when I returned it, the sandwich shop people insisted it was a piece of plastic.

Either way, there’s a problem with the system that allows burnt plastic/feathers/baby birds IN bread to escape the notice of the guy CUTTING the bread, the girl PUTTING food onto the bread and the other girl WRAPPING the bread.  Really?  REALLY?!?  NO ONE noticed the crap erupting from the bread except for me?!  The FOURTH person in the process – who was looking forward to EATING the bread??

‘Cause you better believe I noticed it.  I opened the wrapper and noticed it.  Right.  There.  Right…THERE!   Perched like a cluster of burnt feathers (and I have to admit that there was one heart-stopping second where I even thought it was a massive spider) right on the TOP of my sandwich!!!


And this…is EXACTLY why they invented the phrase: Grody to the max!

Also?  Gag me with a spoon.

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