Twas the Eve before Thanksgiving…

…and all through the house

The new stay at home mom

Was cleaning like a louse

Ok.  This is going nowhere fast.  ‘Cause what I really wanted to say was: Have you ever been at Thanksgiving dinner…and someone halfway down the table gets the brilliant idea that you should all go around the room and say what you’re thankful for? 

Except by the time it comes around to you, everyone has already said what YOU were gonna say?!  So then you just sound like an uncreative copycat.


I’m gonna say what I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving EVE and the rest of y’ins* can eat my turkey dust! 

NOWWWW who’s the copycat?!?

Here goes. 

I’m thankful for:

My husband and my children.  I could spend a hundred lifetimes trying to be worthy of the gifts you are to me.

For my parents and my siblings and their families.  I hope I am everything you need me to be.  Thank you for everything you are to me.

For my friends – new and old.  You are such treasures to me.

For everyone’s continued happiness and health (because without health, it doesn’t mean much).

For the earthly gifts God has given me: a house, a car, warm clothing, a plentiful table.

For the gifts of intelligence, creativity, humor and strong faith.

For a year’s worth of unemployment compensation that let me do what I’ve never been able to do as a wife and mother.  Breathe.  Just take a step out of the frantic, seemingly never-ending scramble.  And breathe.

That’s it.  That’s all I got.  P.S.  Dear Santa, please bring me a job.


*Did I ever tell you that Hubby and I lived in Central Pennsylvania for like ten years?  And during that time we picked up certain phrases that still pop up in conversation – one of which is “y’ins”.  It’s a contraction of the words ‘you’ and ‘ones’.  Spelled ‘y’ins’ and pronounced YIHNS.  (Hey – it’s Central Pennsylvania!  Just go with it.  It’s kinda like the Jersey Speak equivalent of “youse guys.”)  In summation, youse guys can eat my turkey dust because I am thankful that I was thankful FIRST!  Now I gotta get back to cleaning the house.  Like a louse.

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