Catching Fire

Hey!  I know what we could do!  We could get a movie theme going here.  We’re fun!  How fun are we?!  Yippeeeeee!!! 

Ok, I’ll go first…

I saw Catching Fire last week-end with Sissy (the requirement was that she had to finish the book before she saw the movie.  Aren’t I a good mother!?  And me?  I read those books like two years ago.  ‘Cause that’s what we 40-somethings do.  We read tween books to see what the hubbub is all about.  I also read the Twilight stuff.  Sue me.)

We met up with Sissy’s friend and the friend’s mother at the theater for a fun Mother/Daughter Catching Fire afternoon.

But in some weird unspoken seating arrangement scenario, Sissy ended up sitting with her friend on the RIGHT side of the friend’s mother.  So I was left to sit to the LEFT of the friend’s mother.  I had envisioned more of a mothers-bookending-tweens scenario, with each mother on the outside of her respective tween, instead of what actually went down.  Sissy and I were book-ending THEM! 


And by ‘whatevs’ I mean I actually spent the entire movie not quite getting over how weird the seating arrangement was.

And when I wasn’t downward-spiraling over that, I was trying to figure out the knit and crochet patterns for all of Katniss’ awesome top layers – especially those worn before and during the Victory Tour.  There may have even been some rough homespun type duds I’d like to reproduce from that Quarter Quell business. 

And when I wasn’t enamored with the chunky-knits, I was…acckkk!….CRYING!

What?!  WHAT??  This is a TWEEN movie and I was with TWEENS.  Why was I crying?!?  And the tweens weren’t?  (Or were they?  I couldn’t quite…see them.)   Suffice to say the whole crying thing was ridiculous – especially that part about going into stealth tears mode; trying to HIDE my tears from the other mother.  Who wasn’t crying.  At all. 

Nor did she seem to be worried about crochet patterns.  Or seating arrangements.  Or hiding her tears from ME!  Some people seem to breeze through life.  And the odds are ever in their favor.

Would you say it’s luck?  Or just…odd??

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