As a “special surprise” after dinner last night, I served those Limited Edition Pringles to my kids.

Judging by their horrified looks come dessert time, you would have thought I offered to stab the dog in the eye instead.

Have you seen these Limited Edition flavors?  Lay’s fired a Chicken and Waffles, Sriracha, and Garlic Bread flavored volley this summer.  Pringles returns-fire at Holiday time with Pecan Pie and White Chocolate flavored potato chips.

Which, I must say, as desserts go, is not the WORST dessert my kids have ever eaten.  So there.  (And no, I will NOT share with you the WORST dessert my kids have ever eaten.  Because then you’d want the recipe…or you’d call the cops.  So let’s just say the kids thought they were popsicles.  They didn’t know anything about the vodka until later.)

And in the scheme of things, the chips are really…ok tasting.  In fact, the Pecan Pie flavored Pringles taste like McGriddles.  For the record, I am not opposed to a McGriddle-tasting item once in a while.

But my daughter won’t be eating this flavor.  She’s allergic to pecans – and even though I’ve tried to convince her that there’s not a single, solitary ‘pecan’ listed in the ingredients – she refuses to budge.  So she’s relegated to consuming the White Chocolate flavored ones.

These?  These taste like those mini dehydrated marshmallows that come in the little hot chocolate packet.  But before you add water.  You know, kinda crunchy and squeaky in your teeth.

Yep, the White Chocolate flavored ones are all hers.  Or Sonny’s.  Whoever wants ‘em.  And if they’re not gone by the time the first big snowfall comes around, I’m going to sprinkle them on hot chocolate and see if anyone notices.

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