Olde Tyme Business Meeting

This is how a business meeting goes down in Game of Thrones:

Prince Oberyn of Dorne says to Tyrion Lannister (aka The Imp): Permit me to acquaint you with my noble companions; Ser Doziel Dalt of Lemongrove, Lord Tremblon Gargaphon, Lord Harmon Uhller and his brother Ser Uhllwyck, Ser Rieon Alyryon and his natural son Der Daomon Sand, the Bastard of Guardswood, Lord Dargoos Manthan, his brother Ser Miggles and his sons Myles and Dyken.  I also have with me Ellia Sand my bedmate and scribe.

[hand shaking for those closest, and friendly waving for those stuck in the back.  Note no women are present other than the floozy “scribe” my a$$ who’s betting on her youth and good looks to keep her job…bitter much?]

As the remainder of Tyrion’s own party rides up on the group, it becomes his turn to name the names: Ser Flymint Bracks, heir to Horndale, Lord Gylys of Royne, Ser Addam Marlbrend – Lord Commander of the City Watch, Jalazar Zoh – Prince of the Yellow Cloak, Ser Harrys Swyfton – uncle Kevan’s goodfather by marriage, Ser Marlon Crackenhall, Ser Phyllis Footeton and Ser Bronn of the Blacknight.

[then someone shouts from the back, “there will be a quiz on names later!” and polite chuckling ensues.]

Then they all ride off to get coffee and danishes.  Afterwards they meet for the entire day and accomplish the same stuff they accomplished this time last year.  They have lunch brought in since it’s a “working lunch” then go out for drinks after evening has fallen.  They all get inappropriately drunk and have dumb swordfights which everyone will talk about at NEXT YEAR’S meeting.  As sun breaks over the land the next morn, they break their fast despite feeling inordinately queasy and do it all over again before they catch their horses home.

-End Scene-

Some things never change, do they?

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