When my son was little, the biggest number he could come up with was 60-80-20.  Yes.  Said just like that.  All-in-a-row.  Sixtyeightytwenty.

Now it’s become something of a family joke.  When we want to convey something BIG, we say it was sixtyeightytwenty.

And you know what?  I just had New Experience Number Sixtyeightytwenty of my Stay at Home Momness.  (Now that you’re in on the joke too, do you see how it works?  I’m implying that there have been a LOT of new experiences since I’ve become a New Stay at Home Mom.  This sixtyeightytwenty thing is fun, isn’t it?  Welcome to the family!!)

My daughter’s softball team won their division championship Sunday afternoon.  And during the impromptu pizza party afterwards, they cooked up a scheme for an impromptu sleepover.  At my house.  For the whole team.  On a Sunday night.

Working Mom Me would have said, “No way!  End of discussion.  I have to work tomorrow.”

New Stay at Home Mom (Frickin’ Moron) Me said, “Well…I suppose.  As long as you go to bed at a reasonable hour.”

Well…here we are on Monday.  Exhausted.  Since no one (NO ONE) went to bed before 2:30 a.m.  I hate all twelve girls on the softball team (well, except for the two or three who have REASONABLE mothers who don’t let them do sleepovers on a Sunday night) and I…HATE SLEEPOVERS!

Surprise, surprise.

Makes me want to get a job just so I never, EVER, offer up my house again on a Sunday night for the softball championship team sleepover.

Gaaah!  Gaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!  What a frickin’ moron.

Anyway…let’s just call New Experience Number Sixtyeightytwenty a “mis-step” and move on, shall we?  And then let’s all go take a nap.  Somehow I thought this New Stay at Home Mom gig would come with more naps.

Barkeep!  A nap for me – and one for all my friends!  Make that sixtyeightytwenty naps, please!!!

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