School’s OUT!

“School’s…out..for..SUMMER!  School’s…out..for..EVER!!!”

Ok, not forever.  Just for summer.  And none too soon.  [and here we are, right back to “an 80’s song for every moment in life.”  And also?  SCREW YOU if you looked it up and found out it was released in 1972.  Screw you AND the horse you rode in on.  Don’t read any more of this blog.  You’ve been disinvited from reading any more of this blog.  Stop reading, ya researching jerk.  I said…STOP!]

My sister, the doctor, played this Alice Cooper song on an endless loop at her graduation-from-post-graduate school party.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t actually want to get a doctorate, she just wanted to play the song at a party and really MEAN it.  Either that or she just wanted to make us all call her “doctor.”

Whatevs.  We all have different drivers.

I can’t really mean “school’s out for EVER” on this end because we’re only in 3rd and 5th grades (well – officially 4th and 6th grades now).  So – we’ve got a ways to go – but still, baby steps are worth celebrating.  And to do that…we’re getting the kids A TRIP TO PARIS!!!!

Ha ha.  Kidding.

We’re getting them a TRIP TO LONDON!!!

Ha ha.  Still kidding.


Not kidding.  Hi, Mom and Dad!  We’ll call you shortly to firm up plans.  You are expecting them, right?  Right?!?

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