Happy Ann-i-ver-suh-ree!

Do you remember that Fred Flintstone episode where he inadvertently buys Wilma a stolen piano for their anniversary?  And then the cops (who set up a sting to bust the piano-stealing-ring) end up singing “Happy Anniversary” umpteen times to the tune of “The William Tell Overture” played on the piano in Fred and Wilma’s living room?!  Yeah.  That episode.  Is the song in your head yet??  Good, because it’s in mine and I wanted to share the wealth.

Why’s the song in my head?  It’s my 21st wedding anniversary today.  (I know what you’re thinking because I’m thinking the same thing, “Married 21 YEARS and she looks so YOUNG!!!  How old IS she actually?!?”)

Recently, a conversation about our wedding came up with the kids and here are the top reasons my husband and I married each other (according to Sissy-age 10 and Sonny-age 9)…

Why HUBBY married ME:

  • Because I’m cute (by way of explanation, my son was randomly looking at my highschool yearbook and there was a candid of me in front of some lockers.  I was wearing a HOT 80’s outfit accompanied by a big, cheesy smile.  Underneath the picture was the caption, “I’m cute!”)
  • Because I’m pretty (hmmmm…seems awfully close to “cute” but we’ll let it go this time)
  • Because I have the perfect personality for him
  • Because he loves me

Why I married HUBBY:

  • Because he’s cute
  • Because he has the perfect personality for me
  • Because I love him

‘Nuf said.  Match made in Heaven!

Happy Ann-i-ver-suh-ree! Happy Ann-i-ver-suh-ree! Happy Ann-i-ver-suh-ree! HAAAPPY AnniverSUHree!!!

P.S. Hubby, I love you.  You’re cute and have the perfect personality for me.  Thanks for 21 great years!

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